Artist Unmasked, January 20th, 2019

Great event! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Musicians devote their careers and hearts to mastering an instrument and sharing their passion for music with others. Assistant conductor of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Wiley led an open discussion about music and life with local classical musicians performing the music of their choice. Musicians featured in this edition of Artist Unmasked: Trevor Pittman-clarinet, Erin Armstrong- soprano, Joanna Henderin-piano, Michele Dumoulin- violin, Brent Lee- composer, Nicholas Papador- percussion, Mike Stone- trombone, Sunnyside Strings youth ensemble, music students of the University of Windsor, and others.


I think the “Artist Unmasked” is a wonderful way for 4th Wall to open up conversations with musicians and members of the audience. It’s a unique concert experience. I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday’s performance! I enjoyed the conversations with musicians and learning about the various sides of their career/music business.
I learned something new.  I’ve never looked at a percussionist’s score close up!
It was a lovely concert and the kids were thrilled to be included – what a nice experience for them.  And so much other fun music! 

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