4th Wall Music is a registered non-profit organization run by a team of people who want to help keep music alive in our community.

By supporting 4th Wall Music, our donors have helped us offer the highest quality music to Windsor in comfortable and intimate spaces since 2013. Let’s keep music accessible! If you’re interested in helping 4th Wall Music continue to thrive, consider becoming a donor today. Music enriches our lives. By being an active member of the extended 4th Wall Music family, you can help preserve this remarkable art form.

Huge thanks to the following donors for their tremendous generosity:

The Grand Piano Circle, Gifts of $5000 & above – Master of versatility, harmony and expression. The piano gives composers and musicians the tools needed to make chamber music one of the most intimate forms of human connection.

  • The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation
The Violin Circle, Gifts of $2500 – $4999 – Brilliant melodic leadership, star of one of the world’s most sophisticated art forms, the string quartet.
 * The Grain of Sand Foundation

Trumpet Circle, Gifts of $1,000 – $2,499 – Making its lustrous voice heard loud and clear, the trumpet is at home with classical music, jazz and beyond.

  • Alexis Everitt-Wells, CFP – Assante Financial Management Ltd.

The Cello Circle, Gifts of $500 – $999 – Ranging from mellow to vibrant, a solid and reliable supporter of an ensemble.

  • David and Joan Ziriada
  • Tulio Meconi
  • Sean White- Scotia Wealth Management
  • Zeyada Rafih- Rafih Auto Group

The Flute Circle, Gifts of $100 – $499 – Respected as one of the earliest musical instruments known to man, entertaining with poetic and virtuosic sounds.

  • Mina Grossman-Ianni
  • Doris Zanier
  • Glenna Hemphil
  • Kathleen Stecher
  • Carolyn Rourke
The Percussion Circle, Gifts up to $99 – The percussion section is comprised of many small instruments that add up to a whole lot of sound. Including instruments of rhythm, melody and harmony, it is referred to as “the backbone” or “the heartbeat” of an ensemble.
  • Laura Melissa Lamb