Come experience music up close and personal. All concerts are family-friendly with “Little Ones in the Lobby” care available.


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Jazz fusion – The Third Stream. November 24, 6:30 Capitol Theatre



Jazz and Classical. Jazz- the spontaneous, free and soulful. Classical- the predictable, measured, cerebral. The Maverick and the Straight Laced? Look beyond labels in this program that celebrates the beauty of two coming together. featuring local pianist Mike Karloff with jazz trio and WSO flutist, Liesel Dieppe along with clarinetist, Lisa Raschiatore and harpist, Amy Ley. They’ll make you see it, feel it….get it.

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Fight to the Fiddle. January 26, 4:00 Capitol Theatre




4th Wall Music presents a four string face off between the classical violin and the traditional fiddle. Both have the same fine-tuned physiques but go at it with very different approaches. Join local string heavyweights Kenneth MacLeod, a local Cape Breton fiddler and Tino Popovic, assistant concert master of the WSO in a battle of bow, beat and spirit

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Baroque in Time. March 1, 4:00 Joy Theatre in the Capitol




Europe 1600-1750. Wake up to a time of lavish kings, brutal plagues, gravity discovered, religious wars waged. The intensity of human emotion and intellect rides the wave of a new musical language. Join the Note Bene Players along with recorder aficionado, Katia Sherman, and in-costume dancers to share in the sense of awe for the Baroque Period.

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Tea Time Travels. April 19, 4:00 Mackenzie Hall




A cup of hot water and a spoon of dried leaves. Twelve notes of a scale and a steady beat. Both are simple recipes for a world of complexity. Sit back and be served while 4th Wall Music, in collaboration with Windsor Tea Emporium, pours out music and tea from different traditions around the world.

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