Come experience music up close and personal. All concerts are family-friendly with “Little Ones in the Lobby” care available.

Mystery in Melody  3277 Sandwich St W, Windsor, ON N9C 1A9 Join us this Halloween as we explore which composers & pieces make us quiver with fear! Featuring a String quartet, harp, piano, voice and readings of Edgar Allen Poe. Don’t miss out on this incredible start to our newest season!



Mystery in Melody – Snapshot Performance1441 McDougall St, Windsor, ON N9A 1B7 This abridged version of the 1st “Mystery in Melody” performance features a string quartet and harp. Prepare to be spooked in this unique, haunted location!  

Lullabies for Little Ones2520 Seminole St unit a, Windsor, ON N8Y 1X4 Classical music can do your child (and you!) a lot of good. There is now a lot of data that classical tunes can make your young one healthier, smarter and happier. All that aside, 4th Wall Music invites you to enjoy a relaxed evening of music, stories and snacks for parents and young children.  

Artist Unmasked – A Musician’s Story121 University Ave W, Windsor, ON N9A 5P4 Musicians devote their careers and hearts to mastering an instrument and sharing their passion for music with others. Find out what pieces of music turns them on and why. Join local classical musicians performing the music of their choice with an open discussion about music and life.  

Celebrating Black Composers
121 University Ave W, Windsor, ON N9A 5P4
Featuring music of black composers, Classical, Ragtime and Gospel. Irene Moore Davis discuses the influence of music on Windsor’s rich and diverse history.  

Music of Nature121 University Ave W, Windsor, ON N9A 5P4 Bringing to life music that sparks like fire, flows like water, gusts like wind and supports like the earth. flute, viola, harp voice and accordion. In partnership with the Essex Region Conservation Authority.