4th Wall Music brings you only the best of professional musicianship. Our normal ticket price is $20 per person. We rely on your generosity in order to continue our programming in this unusual year. Although not required, please consider donating if you are able. Thank you.

Welcome to 4th Wall Music’s 2020/2021 season! We’ve collaborated with incredibly talented musicians and professionals to film and record virtual concerts for you to enjoy safely from home.  

Music of 1945: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the End of WW2

Broadcast on November 29, 7:00pm

On May 8, 1945, World War II finally came to an end. Around the world, voices of celebration, of mourning, and of change could be heard. The sound still resonates today, captured in the music of that time.

Program Featuring:

  • “Variations on a Shaker Melody from Appalachian Spring” by Aaron Copland- solo piano
  • Coffee House Combo- Duke Ellington and other jazz and pop hits of 1945
  • “Four Songs on Chinese Poetry” by Pavel Haas- piano and bass voice
  • “String quartet #2”, movement 1 by Benjamin Britten

Joined by- Bruce Kotowich- bass voice, Mike Karloff– piano, Andrew McIntosh– cello, Roman Kosarev- viola, Xie-Min– violin, Sarah Weibe- violin and the Coffee House Combo.


While you wait: Test your knowledge and complete our WWII fact quiz put together by U of W History Grad. student, Greg Maev. Join us as we go over the answers throughout the concert. Perfect score enters to win!

Stories for a Cold Winter’s Day

Broadcast on January 24, 7:00pm

In the words of Frederick Chopin, “Even in Winter it shall be green in my heart”. Let your imagination bloom this winter while listening to a few short stories about this chilly time of year read side by side with performances of winter inspired music. Presented with the assistance of Literary Arts Windsor.

Program Featuring:
  • Kenneth MacLeod reading excerpts from “Winter Dog” by his father Alistair MacLeod  followed by some brisk fiddling.
  • More stories and poetry TBA
  • Other music to include:
                    “Etude”, op.25 (“Winter Wind”) by Fredrick Chopin for solo piano
                    “Tropic Winter” by Nathaniel Dett for solo piano
                    “The Snowman” by Howard Blake for solo piano
                    “Winter” by Antonio Vivaldi – transcribed for horn and piano
                    “Every Lover is  a Warrior II- Love Will Come Again” – by Katie Agocs for solo harp
                    “Skater’s Waltz” by Emile Waldteufel – transcribed for harp ensemble

Tea Time Travels

March 21, 7:00pm
Limited table seating Mackenzie Hall

A cup of hot water and a spoon of dried leaves. Twelve notes of a scale and a steady beat. Both are simple recipes for a world of complexity. Sit back and be served while 4th Wall Music, in collaboration with Windsor Tea Emporium, pours out music and tea from different traditions around the world.

Stops along the way:
  • England – “Viola Sonata”, 1st mvt. Impetuoso by Rebecca Clark
  • China – Traditional music of the Zheng
  • South Africa- “African Song” by Abdullah Ibrahim for flute and piano
  • South America – TBA
  • India – “L’Aube Enchentee” by Ravi Shankar for Flute and Harp

Joined by- Florin Simioanca – viola, Liesel Deppe – flute, Amy Ley – harp

Birdsong Inside Us

May 16, 4:00 Hillman Marshes

Human music has it’s origins in bird song? Humans and birds share the same voice producing genes? Join us at Hillman Marshes, in collaboration with ERCA (Covid restrictions allowing) to explore this connection in an area world famous for the thousands of songbirds that pass through in May.

Program Featuring:
  • A newly commissioned work from U of W graduate David Bergeron! for electronics, birdsong and acoustic instruments
  • “Song of the Birds” by Pablo Casals- solo cello
  • “Le Merle Noire” by Olivier Messiaen- flute and piano
  • “Birds Flyin High” by Nina Simone- arr. Cello, flute and voice
Joined by: Nadine Delury – cello, David Bergeron – Composer and more